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JON V. HARRISON has been involved for more than 35 years in the study of spinning-spacecraft attitude dynamics. He has a bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania State University (mechanical engineering), a master's degree from Stanford University (engineering science) and a doctorate in engineering (dynamics) from the University of California at Los Angeles. 
He was employed by Lockheed Missiles and Space Corp. and Aerospace Corp. After employment at Hughes Aircraft Co., where he served as head of the dynamics analysis section, he became an independent consultant for Rocketdyne and Ford Aerospace. Applied Dynamics Laboratories was formed by Dr. Harrison as an outgrowth of his consulting work. 
Dr. Harrison conceived the drop-test method in 1980, applying it first to the INSAT spacecraft. Despite a rudimentary data-collection system during testing, flight data from INSAT (1980) showed agreement to within 20%. He has refined the method in more than two decades of research. Flight data obtained from British Aerospace for Inmarsat (1985) verified test results to within 4% error. Flight data obtained from Mars Global Surveyor (1996) verified test results to within 0.2% error.

Jon V. Harrison, Ph.D.

Applied Dynamics Laboratories

Portland, Oregon

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